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As very few of you know, I’ve recently partnered with a good friend JR Ulysses Barnes to help bring his expertise to the masses. You see, JR is a top notch high school athletic recruiter for the past 10 years and was able to get 64 out of 64 athletes a scholarship offer to play in college last year alone. Pretty Impressive Right?

So after JR realized a way to be able to help more kids and families, he gave me a call to help him grow. I have always told my members that “There’s a scholarship out there with your name on it, we just have to find it.” Well here it is, here is a process to help get you exposed to college coaches.  JR’s process works, so if you have dreams of playing in college (In any sport) please do yourself and your family a favor and get signed up with

How many of you know how to go about getting your athlete an actual scholarship offer? I know I didn’t. Our service exposes your HS athletes academic and athletic profile to as many schools as you like. The goal would be to pay for college by receiving an athletic scholarship. How cool would that be?!! And by the way, the service is super affordable with monthly installments. You can cancel any time!
Give me a call or text me if you want to learn more. You can also visit for more info!

Contact me at 504-432-0343 Wade, if you have any questions.logo (1)


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