About Us

Welcome to the New Orleans Basketball Training Academy. Below describes “what we are about”, “how we do things” and most importantly “what you can expect from us as trainers and coaches”.

We know what takes to become a better player and it is because we played it at one time, coached it, see it now, hear about it and participate in it today.

Our goal is to offer real basketball properly trained and coached to anyone seeking it.  From beginners to elite we will have a program for you. We play no favorites; everyone is equal and will be trained as such. Now understand we will have the final say in how your child is trained and where he or she will play. Parents do not run this operation. We are the professionals and would like to have that courtesy extended to us. We will listen and do all in our power to help but the overall goal of making your child better lies in our experience of knowing what is best and how best to do it.

What is great about our operation is that we are connected to other quality organizations that are like minded.

We are about training and getting better. We have professional equipment, proven techniques and the most qualified individuals coaching your child. We operate a boys and girls organization for training and games. Training will take place during the week  Training is 2-3 times a week at a specified time. We post the schedule and direct the players into the appropriate slots as they register. We reserve the right to play up or down players as we see fit. Registration for training is open continually, registration and participation on teams is specified for seasons.

Our coaches properly train each player to master the fundamentals. We concentrate on Dribbling, Passing and Shooting each and every day. Our programs we’ve developed accelerate a player’s knowledge of each of these skills and give them the confidence needed to play against others.
Our Advanced Program concentrates more on decisions a player makes during a game both on offense and defense. We stress the importance of executing the fundamentals learned to help create a successful outcome for the player as well as the team.

Our Shooting and Scoring Program is one of the best in the area. We teach our players the correct way to become a “Great” Shooter, not some out-dated, hand me down, version you’ll hear from “Daddy and Playground” Coaches. Our shooting program is taught at every practice, the results will blow your mind. Once you become a deadly shooter, we instruct players to use certain movements to continue to get open and finish with either a basket or an assist. This program is only taught locally at our Academy. So if you would like to become a better player both as a shooter and scorer sign up today.

Associated fees will be posted on our Fee Page.




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Acknowledgement of Risks
I understand that Basketball games may involve strenuous athletic and physical fitness activities and recognize that participation in such strenuous activities inherently involve health and injury risks. I understand and knowingly accept these risks. I represent that the child who is participating has no physical or health issues that might inhibit their participation in your games or might increase their risks, and that our assumption of risk will be ongoing and absolute.
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