Our Coaching

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our goal is to Instruct, Train and Guide our players to properly learn the skills, fundamentals, techniques and attitudes needed to play basketball. We do this in a positive environment free of favoritism and daddy influencing.  All our players are treated equally. We teach through games and situations by getting our players to play hard, learn and understand.  Every player play’s and play’s a lot. We want to ensure that the player uses what he or she has been taught.


The Pro Shot Shooting System is an advanced shooting program based on biomechanics and mental focus. The System is currently being employed by thousands of professional, collegiate and high school players and hundreds of AAU, high school and collegiate teams.


We truly believe that the majority of today’s coaches don’t teach concepts displayed by the best college and professional shooters on a daily basis. This is the reason why the majority of youth and high school players continually struggle with their shooting.

We have been there, done that and can help guide your child on their most promising path in basketball. From grade school to high school to college, we know what it takes to get there.

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