ATR (Attacking the Rim) Program

ATR Program

The “ATR” Attack the Rim Program is designed to improve a players alertness to how a defender is defending and how to beat that defender. It’s is only being taught here exclusively to accelerate a players understanding of how to score and how to set up a defender to help you score. This program continues to evolve into it’s own weekly training. I have to admit it speeds up a players skill level faster than I’ve been able to teach in the past. 

We have 17 different areas that we can score from in at least 5 different ways individually. That’s 85 shots to master. Players will also learn how to play against a defender or two and not have any fear. Players will also learn how to defend as well. This Program is something that has taken me years to put into structured and effective scoring program.

Join us and see for yourself how “ATR” will transform your child’s performance on the court.