We have both Developmental as well as Select teams.

Developmental teams will be for those beginning and learning basketball and will play internally as well as against other AAU / YBOA teams in our area. Travel will be very limited in distance and will play 2-3 weekends a month during the season. Games will be Saturday’s

Select teams will be for those advanced; they will play almost every weekend in local and major tourneys. They will play other AAU / YBOA teams. If the team desires and qualifies they may play in State and National tourneys. Some out of state travel may be necessary but limited.


Our coaches will determine a player’s team placement after we see the players for a while in training. Once the teams are formed we will not bring other players onto our teams just for the sake of winning as many other AAU organizations do. We do replace a player if for some reason one of our players has to drop out with one of our own (when possible). We don’t and won’t recruit or participate in team shopping. If you leave for greener pastures fine and we wish you well. Don’t plan on returning later if you don’t like your new group. This is a major problem in AAU and is condoned by way too many coaches. This is as much about building character, developing leadership and understanding what hard work gets you.  Uniform orders forms are located in the gym.


We play local, at our facility on Jefferson Hwy., across the lake in Mandeville and other surrounding SE Louisiana cities. Occasionally one of our select teams will travel out of state but that will be rare and understood up front. National tourney’s are out of state. Our games will be spaced properly so we can get you in and out in a timely fashion. We will avoid 9:00 am in Baton Rouge with a second game at 3:00. With the number of teams we will have we will get our squads in and out our accordingly or will go to another tournament. Our goal is your family convenience.

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